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‘Rain, Rain, Stay Another Day’ – Efficient Watering For Your Tahoe Garden In A Few Easy Steps

By June 15, 2015October 6th, 2018Uncategorized
irrigation drip lines and sprinkler systems

Following weeks of rain you may believe that the drought in California and Nevada is waning.  However, measurements show we are still well below average for this time of the year.

After three winters with very little snow pack and diminishing water supply, planning a lush, relaxing landscape in the dry Tahoe climate can be challenging. Should we go to the extreme and rip out all of our turf , stop watering all of our flowers? Many of us have spent years caring for and nurturing our gardens, creating a tranquil space for our families. Now we are torn between maintaining that beauty and doing the ‘right’ thing.

“One broken sprinkler head can waste 200 gallons of water in 15 minutes.” That is one year’s worth of drinking water for three people!

But saving water doesn’t mean you have to destroy your beautiful garden. With a few easy steps and some simple changes, you can still have a vibrant green retreat and protect our water sources in the process.

  • Plant The Right Plants

    Always be proactive and consider using the most drought tolerant, low-use water plants possible.

  • Plant in ‘Hydro Zones’

    Group plants with similar water needs in the same area in your garden and utilize existing areas of moisture.

  • Behold, the Power of Mulch!

    Mulch your garden with fire resistant mulches to lower soil temps and maintain moisture levels.

  • Trees and Shrubs Are Nature’s Parasol

    Plant shade trees and shrubs to lower air and soil temps and reduce soil moisture loss.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always available to help with your plant selections. Pop on over to our plant nursery and have a chat with Jose, Evan and Heather.

Get directions or learn more about what we offer at the Nursery in South Lake Tahoe.

One of the most effective things you can do is change out your old watering systems and invest in a ‘waterwise’ reliable, flexible irrigation system, which will allow your garden to grow and evolve. By simply revamping your old existing system, you can reduce your water use by up to 30% and save money on your water bill in the process.

This is why checking your old system for leaks and drips, installing low use drip irrigation, adding MP rotator heads to your lawn sprinklers and investing in a good smart timer are so important, especially now in these drought years.

NOW is the time to get rid of that old inefficient soaker hose and wasteful overhead sprinklers and start conserving water in three easy steps:

  1. Install Drip Irrigation, the Most Efficient Non-Turf Watering System

    Great for your non-turf areas, this system of drip tubing and tiny spray emitters allows you to deliver water right to the base of your plant. No wasteful water use here.

  2. Add MP Rotator Heads Onto Existing Sprinklers

    Install Hunter MP rotator heads ($5) onto your existing lawn sprinklers. These are super easy to use and fit on any pop up spray head. Designed for water conservation, the MP rotator heads provide a low application rate, which reduces runoff on our densely packed and fast draining granitic soil. Say “hello” to a green, healthy, ‘water-wise’ lawn.

  3. Smart Timers Help You “Set it and forget it!”

    Lastly, invest in a smart timer ($100-$150 to install) that allows you to water each individual zone in your garden on a different schedule. Set it for different lengths of watering time based on rain, soil moisture, evaporation and plant water use. Using each and every drop of water as efficiently as possible.


So let’s get busy and protect our communities’ water supply for our future generations. Call us today to get started (530) 544-8873.


Also, check out local information on the drought and current water restrictions, which apply to ALL Lake Tahoe residents: