Specializing in innovative and beautiful solutions for storm water to protect Lake Tahoe

Rain gardens and other creative designs can look great and blend well, while satisfying all TRPA requirements.

Best Management Practices, or BMPs, are very unique to South Lake Tahoe. They help to minimize soil erosion and capture run-off before it enters our watersheds, which helps improve water quality and protect the clarity of Lake Tahoe. BMPs also create defensible space around your home, protecting your property from the threat of catastrophic wildfire.

A rain garden is a simple and effective BMP

A simple shallow depression filled with rocks and just enough soil to allow for deep-rooted native plants and grasses to thrive. A rain garden can reduce run-off by as much as 30%! They are easy to maintain and look great.

Working Within Your Budget

Let our certified team help you design and install BMPs that are not only essential for our environment but are aesthetically pleasing. We will work with you to create a BMP plan within your budget.

Walking You Through The Certification Process

We will complete and submit the calculation spreadsheet and treatment reports that satisfy all TRPA requirements. The process for approval usually takes around 5 business days. Design plans for BMPs, TRPA approval and BMP installation typically takes about 2 weeks.

What Are BMPs?

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are required by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) for all properties in the Lake Tahoe Basin. BMPs are stormwater mitigation features on your property that redirect and capture polluted stormwater so that it can infiltrate into the ground before reaching Lake Tahoe. Stormwater carrying sediment and other pollutants into Lake Tahoe is the prime culprit for the decrease in clarity of the Lake. Installing BMPs is how we can keep Lake Tahoe pristine for future generations to enjoy.

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