Install, Repairs and Maintenance To Keep Your Yard Water-Wise

At Tahoe Outdoor Living, we have an experienced team of sprinkler technicians who are Certified Landscape Water Managers. We specialize in full sprinkler installation and repair.

Irrigation, especially drip systems, need to be regularly checked to ensure that they are running as efficiently as possible. In the high alpine environment of Lake Tahoe, everything from wildlife tampering with lines and or weather related issues such as hard freezes damaging emitters and fittings can impair your irrigation system.

Routinely checking for leaks is a good investment that can save you money and prevent waste of our water resources.

One small leak can double your water bill and waste thousands of gallons. An irrigation leak the size of a dime will waste nearly 6,300 gallons in one month.
We can help you create your own irrigation maintenance schedule to maintain your system. For both small and large projects, we provide a range of services:

  • Check for and fix leaks and drips
  • Fix and readjust your sprinkler heads
  • Turn on and off your water supply and reset timers for winterization
  • Work with you to reassess your watering system and revamp it to be as efficient as possible
  • Also, while on your property, we’ll act as eyes and ears for your whole landscape and let you know if anything else needs work or could be improved.

Contact Our Irrigation Team

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